Inside the managerial mind of Jurgen Klopp

“It was only one game! Everybody gave points away, even Chelsea – okay not too often because they were champions at the end, but it happened. It’s all about how you handle these situations and it’s something we are really working on to be stronger in.”

Klopp, in-between sips of an Americano – much-needed fuel during a manic week navigating commercial obligations on pre-season tour in the skyscraper-heavy city – describes his annoyance at the influence of external opinions over Liverpool’s personnel.

“We had two major issues in January obviously: not enough confidence as we should have had in ourselves, and too many injuries plus Sadio [Mane] being away at the Africa Cup of Nations while the games didn’t seem to stop,” he says.

“Then in February, we suffered from the intensity of the month before, and we were back in March. We won games again, but then people were saying, ‘it’s not the same football, they are struggling,’ and this again gave the players doubt.

“They listen to these voices, the whole club listens to these voices that go ‘oh, it’s again like this, they don’t have Plan B for deep-defending sides, they can only play one way.’