Champions League Draw: 6 Potential Final Clashes That Would Be Great for the #Narrative

?So, the Champions League quarter and semi final draw has finally been made. This now leaves us with the potential for some wonderful finals. 

…But, and here’s the crucial question, which one would be perfect for the #Narrative?!?! 

Well, here’s six of the best potential final clashes to satiate our desire for all things #Narrative. 

Man City vs Manchester United: 
?The Derby

Juan Mata,Raheem Sterling

The Red and Blue halves of Manchester have never met within the confines of European competition, but Friday’s draw mapped out the possibility of their first ever European clash coming at the biggest stage of all. 

And, let’s be honest, the script writes itself. Where to start? You already have the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Munich recaps, which took place at the Nou Camp, which is where Pep Guardiola made his name: #Narrative!. You’ve got just the second ever one-city final, taking place in the only city where this has happened previously: #Narrative!

You’ve got ?Marcus Rashford vs ?Raheem Sterling in a battle for England’s crown jewel mantle! You’ve got a whole city on the line! The reclaiming of Manchester is at stake for the old-timers, and the final dagger to the heart of their rivals for the deafeningly loud neighbours. Count me in. 

Juventus vs Barcelona:


GOAT me. GOATing hell. Wouldn’t it just be GOATastic if these two GOATs were finally able to just GOATing get on with it and have the GOATdown to end all GOAT debates for the rest of eternity. 

A GOAT off. I’m GOATing ready. Inject it into my GOATing veins!!!! *GOAT EMOJI*

FC Porto vs Ajax:
?The Underdogs

Frenkie De Jong

Enough about GOATs, I’m all about the DOGS now. I love DOGS! And, in Ajax and FC Porto, we have the ideal underdog candidates. Sure, they have tricky ties to negotiate, but it’s not like we haven’t seen these teams provide such surprises in the past. 

And that’s what’s great about this brewing #Narrative, however unlikely. You’d have the shock victors of the 1995 final against the even bigger shock victors of the 2004 final. So much history. So many DOGS. Maybe not everyone’s dream scenario, but still filled to the brim with wondrous #Narrative nectar.

Ajax vs Barcelona:
?The Johan Cruyff Derby


The team Johan Cruyff revolutionised as a player vs the team Johan Cruyff revolutionised as a coach. Excellent stuff. Expect a lot of deep think pieces on his impact at both, and how it differed, and a host of quality archival #content. 

And that’s not all, you’ve also got the Frenkie De Jong saga of it all, as well as another potential GOAT off between Dusan Tadic & ?Lionel Messi. Mes Que Just Another Game, if you ask me. 

Manchester United vs Juventus:
? Paul Pogba & Cristiano Ronaldo’s Return

Paul Pogba,Cristiano Ronaldo

Two historic European sides. Two players with storied histories at the opposing club and contrasting fortunes following their exit. A first UCL final for ?Pogba since the loss to Barcelona in 2015. A fourth final in a row for ?Ronaldo, a fifth in six years, and the opportunity for a sixth title overall against the club where he won his first.

Add into this Juve’s maniacal yearning for the big-eared trophy, and United’s failures in the competition this decade, and you’ve got one big, bursting #Narrative. Oh, and don’t forget more of that Solskjaer #tbt. He scored the improbably last-gasp winner against Bayern in 1999, didn’t you know? They’d put the Bavarian-coloured ribbons on the trophy already and everything.

Liverpool vs Manchester City:
? The Best League in the World™ Clash

Gabriel Jesus,Dejan Lovren,Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

The two best teams from the Best League in the World™ squaring up against each other once more for the showdown.

Not only is this Richard Scudamore’s farewell wet dream, and an occasion where the phrase ‘What an advert for the ?Premier League’ would be uttered 5,001 times, it’s also the perfect culminating battle of this year-long war. And someone will be smarting after missing out on the league title, so what better way to get instant revenge. 

Plus you have the whole Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, are they actually European bottlers stuff swirling around AND the quarter final from last year to work from. It’s #Narrative manna from heaven.