Rangers Assistant Manager Gary McAllister Physically Assaulted Outside Leeds Bar

Ranger assistant manager Gary McAllister was attacked outside a bar in Leeds early on Saturday morning, according to reports.

The former Scottish international is said to have been out for a meal in the city centre with his wife when they were attacked while waiting for a taxi.

Gary McAllister

According to ?The Sun, the attack took place at 04:00 GMT on Saturday. McAllister was punched in the face and required hospital treatment, but is now said to be recovering at home.

A source told has told The sun that the incident left the former ?Liverpool and ?Leeds midfielder ‘shaken up’ and requiring stitches in his top lip.

Gary McAllister

“Gary was in hospital from about 3am to 12 noon. His face is a mess. He must have at least 10-12 stitches in his top lip,” the source said. “It was totally unprovoked by just one bloke. He came from nowhere and just hit him – simply because Gary is a a former footballer.  

“It’s crazy. We’re seeing supporters run onto pitches and attacking players, now we’ve got legends like Gary being set upon in a city centre. It beggars belief. Gary’s pretty shaken up by it all.”

Det Insp James Entwistle, of Leeds District CID, has also commented in the incident, saying (via ?BBC News): “The initial report was that a man, aged in his 50s, was stood outside a bar when a man approached him and punched him in the face causing injuries that required hospital treatment.

“We are currently arranging to speak to the victim to take fuller details of the incident and will be progressing the investigation to identify the person responsible.”

Steven Gerrard

McAllister has refused to comment on the incident, telling The Sun that “It’s in the hands of the police.”