FIFA 20: New EA Sports Trailer Reveals Four Key Gameplay Changes

EA Sports have unveiled four new exciting gameplay features for FIFA 20 in a new trailer for the upcoming game. 

Features entitled ‘Set-Piece Rewrite’, ‘Composed Finishing’, ‘Ball Physics’ and ‘Dynamic 1 v 1s’ are just four of the most exciting new features set to grace this year’s version of FIFA.

The company revealed these new parts of the famed game with an enticing trailer, which included such stars as Raheem Sterling, Mohamed Salah, Jadon Sancho, Vinicius Jr, Marco Reus, Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Willian and more.

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Speaking on the new set-piece feature on their official website, they explained: “Pick your target and time it right from the spot. Add curl, dip, or knuckle to free kicks. A new aiming mechanic gives you more creativity from dead balls.”

As for the new finishing components, they added: “More clinical finishing when one-on-one. More risk with volleys and long shots. Overhauled shooting creates more realism in front of goal.”

In terms of ball physics, there have been a myriad of changes, all designed to make the ball move ‘more naturally than ever before’. This includes ‘Football-Informed Motion’ which translates to realistic ball movement, allowing for ‘more authentic spins and bounces’, as well ‘New Shot Trajectories’, producing far more variation with curling shoots, knuckleballs, dipping free kicks and rising strikes.

Lastly, the new ‘Dynamic 1 v 1s’ will offer more control in attacking situations, as well as more ways to get past an opponent, while simultaneously handing the defender a wider range of skills to win back the ball.  

FIFA 20 is set to be released on 27 September, 2019.