Sean Dyche Speaks on Danny Drinkwater & Confirms He Will Be Out for a ‘Couple of Weeks’

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has spoken about the situation involving Danny Drinkwater and his future at the club, after the midfielder was involved in a brawl outside a nightclub in Manchester at the start of the month.

Drinkwater was left with bruises and cuts on his face, as well as in injury to his ankle following the incident, and in a press conference for the ?Clarets upcoming Premier League clash with Brighton, Dyche revealed the amount of time the player is expected to miss.

On their official twitter account, Burnley explained that Dyche ‘expects to be without Danny Drinkwater for a couple of weeks’.

In a later tweet quoting the manager, they wrote: “Forget about the footballer. Sometimes people get into scrapes. But he is wise enough and old enough to know not to. You can’t just talk about development when it’s good news though. You have to talk: more so if things aren’t going well.

“The big picture is he is a 29-year-old footballer and nobody wants to get into this situation. He knows that. On the other side, he is a human being and we have all been involved in not so good times.”

Danny Drinkwater

His full quotes were then posted on the club’s official website, where he added: “I try and talk to the players and more so if things aren’t quite as right as they should be.

“When we take somebody in – regardless of being on loan – he becomes part of us and anyone who joins us becomes part of us.

“We’ve got to work with the player in the correct manner, which we do. It’s easy to spend time with players when it’s all going well and everything is rosy.

“Sometimes it’s more satisfying to work with players when things are not quite right, so we’ll certainly continue working with him, help with his fitness and help him get re-aligned to where he was and where he wants to be.

“And the only way he can do that is getting himself right here, on the pitch, and getting in the team.”