Burnley Fans Reported for Racist Abuse More Than Any UK Club Since 2017/18

?Burnley fans were reported for alleged hate crimes, including racism, more than any other club in England and Wales over the past two seasons.

The issues of hate crimes have plagued English football in recent years, with numerous clubs all forced to address various allegations or abuse.

However, as noted by the Home Office (via ?PA), ?Burnley fans have been reported for more hate crimes than any other side, having been accused of a total of 17 counts of abuse since the start of the 2017/18 campaign.

15 of those allegations were based on racist abuse, while the two remaining cases were accusations of abuse relating to sexual orientation.

?Manchester United, Sunderland and ?West Ham were all reported for 13 different incidents. For United, nine were related to race, three were linked to sexual orientation and one to religion.

As for the Hammers, six of their reports concerned racial abuse, four related to religion and three to sexual orientation. Sunderland fans faced 12 allegations of racism – the second highest total in the UK – while there was also one incident of abuse related to sexual orientation.

The results also did not make for pretty reading for ?Chelsea, ?Leeds United and ?Leicester City, all of whom have faced ten reports of various hate crimes in the last two seasons.

For Chelsea, half of these incidents concerned religion, a further four were to do with race, and there was also an accusation of abuse related to sexual orientation.

Leeds supporters faced eight accusations of racist abuse, and their remaining two incidents concerned sexual orientation.

Abuse concerning sexual orientation was the biggest concern for Leicester, who faced no less than five allegations of such abuse – more than any of the sides involved in the report. The Foxes also had three allegations of racism and two incidents of abuse relating to religion.

Anti-discrimination organisation Kick It Out have worked tirelessly to aid the battle against all forms of hate crime, while the ?Premier League also recently unveiled their ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign.

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