9 Amazing Gift Suggestions for Football Fans This Christmas

It’s that time of year! Christmas is getting closer and, well, it’s time to get on that present-buying train before it’s too late.

If you’re struggling to find something to ask for, or if you’re looking for a gift for the football fan in your life, look no further.

Well, no. Look to the end of this piece. Then look no further.?

adidas Encryption Boot Pack

New year, new boots – and adidas’ Encryption pack, fresh for this autumn, might be the best of the lot.

The Encryption pack provides new colourways for the Predator, NEMEZIZ, X and COPA boots, with the likes of Paul Pogba, Mohamed Salah, Paulo Dybala and Mesut Özil all lacing up the new designs on the pitch. 

Buy From: ?adid?as

RRP: Various

DribbleUp Football

The makers of the massively successful DribbleUp smart basketball have ventured into football over the last couple of years – and don’t be put off by the fact that they insist on calling it a ‘soccer’ ball, it’s fantastic.

The ball has an optical marker on it to scan onto the smartphone app which accompanies it, and once you prop your phone up in the little tripod provided, the app then tracks the ball in real time and takes you through all sorts of training drills; rating you and giving you areas of improvement.

There’s leaderboards, levels…it turns what can be pretty dull training drills into genuinely fun activities which keep you engaged and energised. ‘Another five minutes of training’ isn’t the most appealing prospect – but ‘another crack to beat my high score’ is a different story entirely.

Buy From: ?DribbleUp

RRP: £71.98

Football Manager 2020

Sports Interactive just will not stop knocking it out of the park with their Football Manager series. The latest version was released last month – 90min’s ?review and ?first impressions articles attached – and it’s as shiny and sparkly as ever.

It’s an absolute Christmas staple, and this year should be no exception.

Buy From: ??Amazon

RRP: £39.99

PUMA Future 5.1 Flash Pack

Do you like style? These boots – Antoine Griezmann is the headline wearer – are some of the most eye-catching on the market, and they’ve been lighting up the 90min offices in these dark winter months.

Do you like functionality? PUMA linked up with Thierry Henry to get his expert insight on the design of these boots from the player’s point of view (and let’s be honest, would anybody know better?)

These. Boots. Slap.

Buy From: ?PU?MA

RRP: £180


Had you heard of p302.co.uk before today? If you hadn’t…you’re so, so welcome. One of the brilliant little things that could only ever have sprung up in the internet age, where you can get Ceefax-style prints of your club or country’s most important results on mugs, coasters, tablet cases, mousemats and the rest of it.

They’ve got a massive selection of clubs throughout the pyramid, so there’s no excuse not to support one of the most wonderful niche stores on the internet.

Buy From: p302.co.uk

RRP: Various

Chivas Ultis 1999 Victory Edition

Did you know that Chivas are Manchester United’s official spirits partner? Well they are, and they’ve launched Chivas Ultis 1999 Victory Edition – a luxury Scotch whisky created to mark the 20th anniversary of Manchester United’s memorable treble-winning season.

It’s the first whisky Chivas has created for the Club which will be available for fans to purchase this festive season, and is a blend of three hand-selected single malts distilled in 1999, each one representing one of Manchester United’s cup victories during the famous Treble season. So that’s nice, for all the United fans and whisky lovers in your life.

More Info: Chivas

RRP: £199

Forgotten Nations

Full disclosure, this book was written by a member of the 90min editorial team. This member of the 90min editorial team, in fact. But it has also been well reviewed, reprinted, is available on Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones, Foyles and by asking Santa very nicely.

Featured on the Totally Football Show at launch, it’s a book for the hipster football fan, the person who’s and interested in the stories behind the action and – most importantly when looking around for a Christmas gift – dads. It’s a cracking ‘dad book’.

Buy From: Amaz?on

RRP: £9.35


[embedded content]

Football Manager isn’t even the longest-running video game franchise on this list – because EA Sports’ FIFA games exist.

The perennial best-seller is back again with the same star-studded lineup as ever. Just be ready to lose the person you buy this for until about February.

Buy From: ?Amazon (?Playstation?Xbox)

RRP: £46.99

HyperX Cloud MIX Gaming Headset

How do we all play FIFA these days? That’s right – online. And what do we want to do when we’re playing FIFA online? Talk trash!

If you’re listening to the pros (and why wouldn’t you?) then the HyperX Xloud MIX headset is the way to go. Used and endorsed by the likes of Spurs’ Dele, Dortmund’s Marco Reus and Real Madrid’s pair of Raphael Varane and Casemiro…how can you go wrong?

Buy From: ??Amazon

RRP: £144.95

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