Nacho Fernandez agrees with Barcelona legend over Vinicius Junior criticism

Real Madrid captain Nacho Fernandez has admitted that Vinicius Junior needs to calm down in the heat of the battle, echoing sentiments made by Barcelona legend Carles Puyol.

Though now widely regarded as one of the world’s very best players, Vinicius is often criticised in Spain for foul-baiting and getting into afters with his opponents. Most recently, he was booked for dissent during Real Madrid’s frustrating 0-0 draw at home to city neighbours Rayo Vallecano.

Former Barcelona skipper Puyol recently praised Vinicius during an event at Padel Sant Cugat, suggesting Real Madrid’s rivals should respect the winger but that he needs to work on his temperament.

“Vinicius is a great footballer, he makes a difference and should be admired in all stadiums. Great players have come to the Camp Nou, and despite being rivals, they are admired for being great players,” Puyol said.

“I would love to talk to him as a professional colleague and tell him what I think and feel about him. If he changed his attitude he would have more recognition. If I talked to him I would tell you what I think about him.”

Vanessa Lorenzo, Carles PuyolVanessa Lorenzo, Carles Puyol

Puyol would like to speak to Vinicius / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages

Ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League clash with Braga, Nacho was asked about Puyol’s comments and the possibility of talking with Vinicius about the situation.

“We talk a lot with Vini. He’s a type of player who feels more provocations than the rest,” Nacho said. “It always generates frustration. We talked to him so that we can help him calm down and focus on playing. Little by little he’s getting better, but he’s got a lot of character. Here, we take great care of him.

“If Puyol wants to talk to him, it’s up to him.”


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