Copa America 2024 stickers – where to buy, cost

Copa America 2024 stickers are now available to buy from multiple outlets worldwide to commemorate the 48th edition of the international tournament.

In honor of the upcoming competition, CONMEBOL partnered with Panini to deliver an exclusive sticker collection that celebrates the nations and athletes participating in the Copa America 2024. Along with watching and attending matches, fans can now experience the tournament through stickers.

The collection consists of 430 stickers that celebrate South American superstars, like Lionel Messi and Fede Valverde, the 16 qualified countries, and even the host stadiums throughout the United States.

The physical mementos are a rewarding and unique way to catalog the tournament in real time, as long as you know where to buy them for the best price.

Check out the Copa America 2024 sticker collection.Check out the Copa America 2024 sticker collection.

Check out the Copa America 2024 sticker collection. / CONMEBOL Copa America 2024, Panini

Fans can buy the official Copa America 2024 stickers from the Panini website. They offer a great deal that features both the sticker album and 18 sticker packets, each containing five stickers.

The album dedicates three pages to each qualified nation in the tournament, giving fans plenty of space to place the stickers of their choosing for each country. There are also pages devoted to the history of the Copa America.

The U.S. edition of the collection will even feature limited-edition, randomized parallel stickers.

Amazon also offers multiple options, from the softcover album to a box of 50 sticker packets. The prices, though, are much more expensive on Amazon.

Individual Copa America 2024 stickers cost $0.50. The Panini website gives buyers the chance to pick exactly which stickers they want for their collection.

Those looking for both the album and extra stickers can purchase the bundle from Panini for $24. For the same price, there is also a sticker collection with 20 sticker packets.

Amazon’s massive sticker box, featuring 50 packets of 5 stickers each, costs $60. Although the price is significantly higher, the box contains more than double the amount of stickers Panini’s deal offers.


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