Arrives Rome, Ferrara reach out to Ranieri: “Never plotting against him”

Returned from a disastrous start to 2010, Ciro Ferrara could tomorrow be the nth crossroads of his season.

Ciro Ferrara - Juventus (Getty Images)

Juventus will have to do with whether the Rome of Claudio Ranieri, Juve one that knows them well.Ferrara, in the customary press conference before each match, spoke of his own relationship with Spalletti: “I have nothing to clarify Ranieri, when I see him tomorrow greet him cordially. It ‘was also my coach at the time of Naples, tomorrow is not a clash between us, I also know there is a relationship of great respect.They wrote that I plotted against him but I want to say ahead of everyone else that is not true and that I am sorry that these things come out. I do not even gufato against him, is not part of my character.

Ferrara has also removed the ghost of Hiddink: “The president told me that there was no contact and I believe him not to others. His attorney says Hiddink refused to Juve? … I would have accepted President said he had spoken with other engineers, even if it were not for me there would be problems.

To Juventus in the week came Candreva: “If she is here is because he has quality, is young and has clear ideas, he knows that it is not easy to play for Juventus. It can play different roles as they already did in Livorno.

Finally, a reference to Rome: “They come from a run of twelve races, try to stop as we hope to break our negative streak.

Nothing could be done between Mancini and Marseilles, but Deschamps has its own version: “The player was interested, then the president …”

Didier Deschamps has not Amantino Mancini in his bow Marseilles. Former Juve but the coach did not seem too upset about the non-arrival of Brazilian visas also recovered from injury by Hatem Ben Arfa and Mathieu Valbuena a, players who hold roughly the same part of the whole.

Amantino Mancini - Inter (Getty Images)

Interviewed by RMC on the operation went up in smoke-Mancini, Deschamps said: “It was an open negotiation, the player was also interested, but negotiations have dragged on for a bit ‘of time for several reasons. In the end the president said no, and I do not want to comment on this choice. “French coach is asked a question matter to which Deschamps replied even more bluntly:” If I need to Mancini? At this point, the problem does not arise again. “

Transfers in turmoil in Serie B: All BIG seek decisive blow

Lecce has clear ideas. De Canio wants a quality striker and a midfielder in thickness. For the first, after finding it impossible to reach Mauricio Pinilla del Grosseto, sprout two names: Pablo Mariano Granoche of Chievo and especially that of Alexander Sgrigna, 19 appearances and 8 goals this season with the jersey of Vicenza. Look for Uruguay, known as El Diablo, Triestina exploded in two seasons ago, the deal was complicated from the injury suffered by Pellissier, for Vicenza could be found very soon an agreement between the parties. Meanwhile, the official transfer of Edinho from Lecce to Palmeiras: To replace the leader is betting everything on BonaventureAtalanta. After fixing the attack, the Apulian must work to fix the midfield, but for the Turin Gael Genevierremains favored. The alternatives are Manuel Iori and Massimo Loviso of Turin.

Reggina continues to offer even Piermario Morosini. While the returns to Genoa Lecce seventeen Alexander Otis Redding, the company has been approached also from the Salento Grosseto on the possible transfer of Daniele Cacia, Reggina striker who could dispose of, we need to see if a potential competitor of Lecce (the owner of Gamer tag) for the Serie A as the team captain of Camilli.There’s also a new arrival at home Toro: Agostino Garofalo, 25 years, chose to espouse the cause grain and this evening will be in camp with the formation of Colantuono. The technician Capitol, waiting to accommodate different operations out, waiting the arrival of Gael Genevier, midfielder enhanced by ds Petrachi in Pisa two seasons ago with Ventura on the bench, is also treated by Lecce De Canio.

As for Reggina, the DS Rosati expect a response from Catania toChristian Terlizzi and currency Richard Chapman of Turin, already under scrutiny dell’Ascoli with West Ham United.Meanwhile Cesena and Genoa have not found an agreement on the value of Ezequiel Matias Schelotto (in co-ownership withAtalanta), and then, for now, the exterior remains italoargentina in Romagna. Consequently there is more concrete runway that leads to Joseph on loan to Greek club Bari from Liguria. The Last Temptation of Bisoli named Francesco Caputo, Salernitana but try to keep it close until the last second of this winter market.The Cesena, however, also works in future and is trying to wrest the Varese (First Division), the 22 year old striker Stefano Del Sante.

The Sassuolo is one step away from the assignment of the attacker of Varese (First Division) Peter Tripoli, school Palermo.Fausto Rossini, however, released after contributing to the promotion of Livorno in Serie A last season with 7 goals, has an open discourse with Piacenza and in particular with Gallipoli.Salento also targeted by the acrobatic Vincenzino Sarno. The Vicenza is considering Luca Di Matteo of Crotone. Valerio Di Cesare toward Naples. Change the route instead of Gatti Triestina Perugia (per Gissi), D’Aversa brings home from Gallipoli. The Croton concluded a tour of three taking Aquilanti by Pro Patria: Part Quondamatteo for Ternana, which in turn rotates the Pro Patria Del Grosso. Brescia has extended the contracts Arcari (2012) and Bega (2011) and focuses on Makinwa Lazio.

Air exchange Goalkeepers: Acerbis to Ascoli, Frezzolini for Grosseto (waiting Madonna dall’Atalanta). The Gallipoli is near Piacenza in exchange Tulli Daino. At Mantua fadesPellicori Queen’s Park Rangers, now we have dogs coming from Padova (via Palermo), who at first seemed destined to Piacenza.