Henry adjures the Arsenal fans

Henry, the goal scorer Arsenal recently after eight long years shifted to Barcelona hopes the staying of Fabregas in the Emirates. However, Henry truly understands the situation of Fabregas for returning home now and therefore, considers that Fabregas, the Spaniard’s has to take a difficult decision. Due to this, Henry himself adjured the fans to understand and be satisfied with whatever decision the Spaniard takes.

Recently, the Sky Sports News revealed the French striker’s statement who is now being accompanied by New York Red Bulls, where the veteran striker, Henry said that he too wanted the Cesc to stay, but no one can blame him as it was pretty much sure that one day, he would go to home back. He further added that no one wanted this to happen so early and he himself being an Arsenal fan did not want this to happen. However, at the end of the day, it’s the home, therefore, Henry is quite and letting him take the right decision on his own and expects that the people will definitely understand his condition and this is only important. So, let’s wait now, for the decision of Fabregas.