Vieira deal done?

Pattrick Vieira told what was expected these days, he will switch for Manchester City.

First buy of Roberto Mancini at MC will be his ex player at Inter Milan, Pattrick Vieira:

“Yes, I got the deal with the club, it’s now only between Inter and City to find the agreement. Maybe I’ll be their player until the end of this week!”

He was on the transfer list for almost year, but no-one could give him the wage he has in current contract with FC Internazionale.

RM: “Toure free to go!”

He didn’t even got a chance to meet the squad, but some players already started to protest.

Our reports are telling us that Toure is unhappy and that Roberto Mancini doesn’t need that kind of players, he told people close to him according to some sources:

“If he want’s to leave, he is free to go, what a captain and professional player is that?! I don’t need that, I want players which are fully prepared for what I’m asking for!”

Also, he told: “I knew there will be attack from all sides, but I’ll show them! About transfer romours, it’s very funny actually, we have how many strikers, and we are going to bring three more (Torres, Aguero, Henry) – how stupid you have to be to belive in that.”

Dzeko on Fergi’s top list

Ferguson told for Daily Mail: “He is mine wish, but it will be hard for buy on January.”

According to our sources, he is ready to spend €25m, but on summer he will be going max €35m.

Manchester City is also interested in Bosnian diamond.

Blazevic, selector of Bosnia told long time ago: “He will be new Ibrahimovic!” And guess what, he is right, only this time, the player is playing for this country, not some other (Sweden).

Mancini: Ready to go!

Roberto Mancini gave the clear interview that he is ready for new club, if possible – Real Madrid.

“I am the best coach that Real Madrid could have – my initials are not R.M. by chance.”

“Every coach would be honoured to coach Real Madrid, I’m ready for a new challenge,” Mancini announced.

“I’m thankful for the attention I’ve received in the Spanish press, even though I’ve not telephoned any journalists and I’ve not issued any statements that were reported in the press today.

“I’m ready for a new club and for a new challenge in Italy or abroad. Any coach would be honoured to be able to sit on the bench of such a prestigious club as Real Madrid.”