Pjanic: We can arrive to the end

“They are happiest, is goal the more important of my career”. Miralem Pjanic, 19enne prodigio of the Lione, is the man who has spread Real Madrid, that he has fratumato the dreams of largeness of the new ones galacticos, that has silenced the 85mila supporters of the merengues, that they dreammed to gain Champions League in the year in which the end is in program own in happens them Iberian.

The Bosnian fantasista, in exclusive right for Goal.com, tells the great night of the Bernabeu: “The first time has been much difficult one for we, especially with the tifosi that they pushed Real Madrid – Miralem admits – has created a wonderful atmosphere to the stage. Then it has become still more difficult after that has marked and that they have created many occasions. We knew that the Real had to mark and that it would have intentional to mark very soon. Therefore when they have made us it has become indeed a lot hard. But we were in a good condition of form, especially in the resumption, and when I have marked it has been an indeed important moment for we”.

Its has been a net of happens them importance: “They are happy for me, for my square, my society and my family. This is goal the more important that I have never realized”, admits the young talent grown in the Metz, than now it dreams the end of Madrid: “Now we are in the quarters of end and can arrive also till the end”. Any is the verdict of the urn, the next adversary of the Lione will be an other big ones of continental soccer: “In the quarters of end there are only optimal squares. For we to play against Manchester United, Arsenal or Bayern Monaco is the same thing. They will be all games difficult for we to play”.

2010 have been up to here an optimal year for the trequartista of Zvornik, exploded definitively and asserted like one of talentuosi baby of European soccer. “To personal level it has been an optimal season for me – Bosnian confirmation the campioncino (communitarian as in possession of the French and lussemburghese passport) – But I hope and I want to improve more always for being able to arrive to the higher levels. In training I learn very from the other players and the Lione is an optimal square for a player of my age”.

The Lione must now be concentrated on the championship, where the fight for the title it is still most open: “It is a lot important for we to go well also in championship. We must make sure better but the problem is that the other squares always play defended against of we. It is not like in Champions League”. The next obstacle calls St.Etienne, a derby a lot felt: “It is the most important contest for the society, the tifosi and for the players. These are always hard games a lot. The St.Etienne is an optimal square and has many players of quality. But we must strike them also because we play in house”. (translator)

Chelsea vs Barcelona

Which club is better, Chelsea FC or FC Barcelona?

We’re giving you some stats written by Spain journalist:

Barcelona and the Chelsea only can be a brief history of the games among them in the last years old, but they have been boisterous, controversial and very important for both clubs. Having itself reunited for the first time in the Glass of Fairs of the city in the middle of the decade of 1960 it was not until the blue ones got to be one of the elite of Europe that both clubs began to meet on one more a more regular base. As well as the action in the field and the objectives that have seeded in abundance the encounter between the Blues and the Blaugrana, the personages that participated have turned into heroes and villains. The behavior of Jose Mourinho after its return to the Camp Nou with the Club of London saw labellings like ” enemy of soccer ‘ by the UEFA as he forced a high qualification referee to resign after some impertinent commentaries. The Portuguese head also criticized what he considered ‘ teatro’ , when Lionel Messi and Asier Of the Furnace faced in another tie, whereas Victor Buckets affirmed that he received the lack of a main target that he brought about controversy in Catalonia. 1999-2000 Whereas Mourinho could have used the stage of great effect, the histrionismo outside field is not required when the parts were matched in the final trimester of Champions 1999-2000 of the league. Both clubs already had played 12 parties to arrive at the quarters of end of the competition that appear two stages of the group when they were matched in a drawing that the Chelsea plays in house in the away game. There was much controversy, but it was not going to be a great surprise that the hosts were not still in the level with whom they are associate at present and their mean efficiency in Stamford high Bridge the level expectations. Gianfranco Zola put the blue ones ahead before a double of Tor Andre Flo before the rest put the equipment of London in the control and it does not seem to have any way from return to Barcelona. But a goal of Luis Figo saw the Blaugrana revive the hope and in the Camp Nou that was used like source of inspiration like Rivaldo, Figo and Dani all put grates on to take in time extra game after Flo has returned to find the network for the Chelsea. The hosts had the impetus with them and Rivaldo marked from the point before Patrick Kluivert added a fifth creation of semi ties end that the Catalan club would lose against the Valencia. 2004-05 Five years later and the things saw very different as the Chelsea de Mourinho had risen with the title of the Premier League and now it has determined his interest to taking to the club to the European glory. A year after to have made its name gain Liga de Campeones with the Oporto, the abrupt trainer era to return to a club where it had enjoyed a learning by virtue of Sir Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal. Received in the airport in Catalonia with fans to reprimand it with shouts of ” traductor” , the paper that thinks that he is better, was not unexpected, when trying to on- turn the heat into the accumulation by being indicated the possibilities of victory of the Chelsea. Barcelona was beginning to leave a period of six years without gaining a trophy and was of return in Liga de Campeones after one season happened trying to be successful in the Glass of the UEFA. Frank Rijkaard was quite the opposite of the trainer Blues and preferred to stay to the margin of the interchange of insults that have been derived had responded to some of the commentaries of Mourinho. However, the head of the Chelsea returned his attention towards the referee day and accused the Anders Frisk highly valued to speak with Rijkaard in the interval of the going defeat of the Chelsea in the Camp Nou. That accusation has enormous consequences in the Daily Day received threats of death of people who claim to be fans of the Chelsea and, only months after arriving was struck by an object in a party of Rome, decided to leave of arbitration. Chelsea lost 2-1 with goals of Maxi Lopez and Samuel Eto’ or, after to have lead through an own objective Juliano Belletti, but this almost was forgotten in the middle of the scandal. Didier Drogba was expelled in that encounter and the scene seemed established at the top for the Blaugrana to London through the facility, with Eto’ or, that indicates that if its equipment wrote down in the tie next, all would have finished. Mourinho did not agree and the word of Stamford Bridge was that its equipment ‘ aplastar’ Barça, but very few really is hoped much less that happens and thought Chelsea would be of three goals of advantage with less than 20 minutes of the missing person. Eidur Gudjohnsen, Frank Lampard and Damien Duff all to be compensated like the rampante Chelsea, but its mood changed quickly when Ronaldinho produced one of the objectives of the season, foot-it put since them to house from the edge of the area after to have reduced the delays of the pain in situ. If Barcelona wrote down the encounter again would have been of more, but there was time for a great turn in the tail of Buckets was blocked by a defender of the Chelsea in the line and John Terry lost the ball in a corner shot reason why he turned out to be the goal of the victory. If the Catalan doorman received a lack or it is not a question that was triggered, but rather the holders were realised after Rijkaard and several players of the Barça had to be contained after pitido final like frustrations boiling. Whereas the blue ones arrived at the semifinal of that season and was eliminated by the Liverpool with a goal of Luis Garci’a, who Mourinho still became infuriated to point today, the Barça did not have to wait for long time to take revenge its loss. 2005-06 If the Blaugrana has been irritated by the Chelsea, and his manager, in particular, next, in the round of the eighth of end 2005-06 first of all, Londoners she was apoplexy head after a defeat of going in Stamford Bridge. It was not as much the defeat that had irritated to Mourinho like a red card that Of the Furnace in first half after it entered Messi, with a returned challenge that left the Argentinean giving in the field. The game was going to be a story of two goals in own; Thiago Motta overcame Cech in an end, before Terry agreed with the head the ball Buckets happened in second half in the other. Eto’ or it showed the great joy that the equipment of all Barcelona felt to the blow on the head the goal of the triumph in the going, and Mourinho went to the press and it complained bitterly. To ask how ” is said; engañar” in Catalan, it pointed his poison at Messi and famous it added: ” Messi can be suspended by the action? Barcelona is a cultural city with many great theaters and this boy has learned very well. ” has learned comedy;. Messi responded that he not ” to do teatro” , but it was clear that Argentina is pleased of to have had an effect on Mourinho, and is not good in that. In the return match, the things were a little calmer and Mourinho were few complaints of Ronaldinho after produced a mammoth effort to put above to its side two in the global one. After trying to do the same in his party of the previous league, the director maintained his players in clothes during several minutes later the Barça had gone to the field, but the trick did not work. A pain the time of discount of Frank Lampard was not sufficient so that the Blues and while they were going to gain the title of the Premier League, the Barça arrived at Paris, where it defeated to Arsenal to raise the Glass of Europe for the second time in his history.

Liverpool after Dzeko the Diamond

Liverpool FC is after Vlf Wolfsburg’s striker, Edin Dzeko, called “Bosnian Diamond”.

Rafa Benitez is ready to bring one mega-striker who will play with Fernando Torres, according to our sources.

Edin Dzeko was on the target of AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, but none of them could manage to make a deal with his current club, which target is €40m, some of them are asking for €30m, while agent of this player told that the price could be €35m very easily.

The player is happy right now in Germany, and will think about it after the season is over.

Geromel Colony says that Juventus and Lazio want him

The Brazilian defense said that the Serie A can be its future.

The defense of the Colony Pedro Geromel has admitted that the Juventus and the Lazio are after their steps.

The Brazilian soccer player of 24 years is enchanted with the interest of the Italian clubs, and has shown much enthusiasm with the possibility of happening to Series A.

“I know that the Juventus and the Lazio want to me, and I feel honest by this”, said to Tuttosport.

“I like Italy and Italian soccer. The Series To is well-known anywhere in the world, but so far I am centered in the Colony”.

“It is Always good for being tie with the great equipment and I believe that I have the qualities to play in Series A.”

Geromel has written down a goal in 21 parties of Bundesliga for its equipment.

Melo: “Arsenal, no thanks”

Wenger insists and proposes the exchange with Van Persie, the Brazilian refuses. “A pleasure to be estimated from a great trainer, but I’m staying at Juve”

“Arsenal? Not, thanks”. This the answer, educated but determined, of Felipe Melo to Arsène Wenger that it would want in its square in order to complete the definitive jump of quality and to attack with anchor more decision the Chelsea and Manchester United. Manager- technical English, in fact, has tried to open a negotiation with the club of course Galileo Ferraris inserting in the speech samples like Van Persie, Clichy and Sagna, elements that all the squares of the world would want to have and that to London they are decided only in exchange for to sacrifice the bianconero centrocampista and of the National Brazilian but Umberto Fusco, Italian collaborator of the proxy of Melo – through Sky Sport she has closed any door: “The words of Wenger make appeal to because they arrive not from a trainer of great prestige but at the moment are null more than a mutual esteem. The Arsenal follows Felipe Melo from the times in which it played in the Fiorentina but task is improbable that a negotiation with the Juventus is opened. It is true that Felipe Melo is not playing to its level accustoms them in this season, but the problems are with the entire square, therefore its has not been a failure. The Juventus has demonstrated of having great confidence in he making grandissimo an investment in summer and not creed that has intention to sell it”. Not to exchange it with Van Persie, one of the great protagonists of the Prime Minister, champion who to the leaders juventini is always piaciuto. Insomma, Felipe Melo confirmation to be very well to Turin where he wants to demonstrate for entire its value. It is a proud type and it will make of all in order tearing the applauses to the bianconeri tifosi.

ONLY JUVE – In spite of a rather disappointing season with the bianconera mesh the continuous player to appeals to and having market: “But I task to the Juventus and the game of Florence. We quickly forget the defeat with Palermo and concentrate ourselves this evening on the challenge. It must resume the speech with the Victoria for riagguantare that quarter place useful to participate to next the Champions League. Troubles if we did not have to obtain it, this fact I do not want not to take it in consideration: overhead I have only the Juventus and I do not mean to move to me from Turin”. Felipe Melo admits that this evening he will try a little of emotion in playing in a stage has launch that it in the great soccer: “We say that it will be a special contest, Florence is a city that I will always carry in the heart, has given to me all, will not forget it. Thanks to the mesh viola have conquered the Seleçao before and then the Juventus, at all squares any”.

THREE POINTS – Beautiful words, already. And not only of circumstance. Because the median one juventino is not disposed to make reductions in price and chases, with great determination, the three points for giving a meaning to the season. And little it imports if when comes down in field the tifosi hiss viola it. In order to not only take apart it and: in fact they have not still assimilated its departure. This evening, but, they risk to see a player regenerated in the physicist and the moral. Alberto Zaccheroni, in fact, is successful to carry it on high levels. Felipe Melo has been one of the main beneficiaries of the cure since he has played well in Europe League against the Ajax and championship against Bologna, Lazio and Chievo. The same Brazilian has words of praise for the trainer of Cesenatico: “With he I am doing good – it has admitted to the microphones of Sky after the game that its Brasi has won them for 2 – 0 against the Germany -, they are improved and I feel myself calmer”.