Eto’o: Give me my money!

Remember the golden handshake issue between Samuel Eto’o and Barcelona which was to blast his transfer to Inter?

There it comeback to the surface today, at least according to rumors reported by Radio Catalunya, under which the Cameroon striker was going to Barcelona to denounce him not yet paid the percentage of 15% on his move to Inter this summer.

Figure that the boat has to Eto’o is around 3 million euros.

Ronaldinho considers retirement

World Cup is ruled out, the former PSG player is allegedly thinking again about hanging up his boots – radio Jovem Pan. He is not even thinking about returning to Brazil, where Ronaldo and Adriano are playing.

A year ago, these days, fans of AC Milan in his eyes his foreman winner in the derby against Inter. Today, after twelve months, the enthusiasm surrounding Ronaldinho seems to be drained completely. Fault performance anonymous ringed by Dentone in recent months, a life not just an athlete, an adventure has never really taken off. Dinho apparently in the midst of a downward parabola with no stops. Victim of an inexorable decline.

“Decline” is precisely the term used by ‘Jovem Pan’, a Brazilian radio, to motivate the resounding choice that would have taken Brazilian Ronaldinho according to sources: to withdraw at short notice. For some time the number 80 Milan have lost “motivation and stimuli, which are fundamental to remain competitive at the highest levels. And the results are there for everyone. The decision, in fact, had already been taken in the time spent in Barcelona last year colorless. Then the second thoughts, after a painstaking job of persuasion by the brother and agent Roberto Assis.

The transfer to AC Milan appeared to be the turning point, a way to get rid of all the problems and start from scratch. But nothing. Dinho continues to lose rank Rosson, not to mention those of Seleçao: him on the notebook of Dunga, there is no trace. “Utopian” its participation in the World, in light of the “self-destructive spiral of football” which has driven the Brazilian. Last resort could be represented by the remedy found by Ronaldo and Adriano to revive: a homecoming, hypotheses never ruled out a priori by the individual concerned.

But deep down in Brazil, to play football, are stimulating and motivating …

Mou slams Zac

Before focusing on the challenge of tomorrow in Cagliari, Jose Mourinho returns to the equilibrium harvest Wednesday at San Siro against Barcelona replied to Alberto Zaccheroni, who in recent days on the pages of the Gazzetta dello Sport “, had criticized the choice of coach . Obviously it was not the only and in fact the Portuguese coach is and ‘launched a harangue in general, with special dedication and the former Inter Milan coach.

“Do not listen to what you say journalists and many phenomena of football, one for example (just Zaccheroni, ed), who lost 5-1 at home to Arsenal and Inter entered history as the coach who has undergone the worst defeat in history in the Champions League, had the courage to give me lessons on how I faced the best team in the World “.

Even a joke about Mario Balotelli, vying for a jersey holder: “Mario – said Mourinho – a weapon that is used for your purposes. After the game and the Under ‘has been criticized, now you say you had to play against Barcelona. ”

Mourinho then continued to shoot at zero in the press and the opinion: “The Italian press is filled with phenomena that are critical to their teams in Europe, we are a country of critical and non-solutions. Here we prefer to cry, well who must choose to speak. We are always negative, never positive. Portuguese and Italian are the same, looked like brothers. Good thing they are Russian (laughs). Abroad, all rowing in the same direction when they play in European competition, they help, they defend themselves Here no, here criticize, attack. It ‘incredible. ” Closure still dedicated to the famous question squid: “Tonight I do not know what to eat, depends on the chef. That evening, however, I have really eaten squid … (laughs).”

Ronaldo like Adriano

The striker returns this Sunday with Corinthians after his injury. He wants to play in the selection and we want to do. Why did not you say you also want to scratch? Come and give her strength.

Ronaldo returns considering the Seleção. Recovered from the broken hand that has kept him two months out, the phenomenon may return Sunday against Corinthians Goiás.

A very short term goal is to gain pace in the classical thinking, the next day, to Sao Paulo: “I’m fine, no pain, I have trained fully for several days and radiography notes that there is no risk. I want to play as soon as possible. ”

Ronaldo’s return has become a struggle against the clock, thinking, in their next big goal: to be summoned by Dunga and ending more than three years of exile in the canarinha: “It is time to catch up, I have been stopped two months and want to go back to your selection.

It will be difficult unless there is injury, since three of the four places seem covered. Robinho, Luis Fabiano and Nilmar are fixed. For the fourth, the best position is Pato, although other names also sound like Adriano and Diego Tardelli. But Ronaldo is capable of anything.

Messi until 2016; clause €250m

The big day has finally arrived in Barcelona. At 15, in fact, came the expected signing the new agreement between the Spanish society and Lionel Messi. As we read on the official website of the club, the 22 year-old Argentine soccer player has signed a contract that ties him to the Catalans until 30 June 2016.

In addition to a substantial adjustment of its engagement, the “Flea” will be inserted into a buyout clause of 250 million euros. Messi will wear so the colors blue and claret for 15 years, since he began his experience at Barca in 2001.

Visibly satisfied even the president Joan Laporta, appeared happy with this renewal. “It’s the best news I can receive today Barça.” The number one Blaugrana then stressed “the importance of having a player of his human qualities and techniques. At this moment we can not imagine a Barcelona without a player the likes of Leo Messi. “