Mourinho going for Thiago Silva and Carvalho?

Rumours from Spain are saying that Mourinho is focusing on purchasing Thiago Silva or/and Ricardo Carvalho. Since Ancelotti told that Ashley Cole isn’t for sale, and since negotations with Maicon are still far from done deal, Mourinho is thinking to buy central defender, who would cost less than A.Cole or Maicon, and put Sergio Ramos in LB position, instead of purchasing Maicon/Cole and putting Ramos in CB position.

We will see how will things develop.

Scott Parker’s £8 Million offer from Liverpool

Scott Parker is expected to be approached by Liverpool for an unexpected deal of £8 million, as per the reports Mascherano is expected to leave for a £20m deal and the former player from Chelsea may be replaced in its place according to Roy Hodgson, Anfield manager.

Parker has also turned away the offer made by Tottenham Hotspur. David Sullivan the co-owner of Hammer said he is not ready to sell his best players. But this information has not made spurs manager Redknapp to leave Parker. The two clubs have already been face to face in getting Joe Cole saga this season and now the same has happened in Parker’s matter too.

Parker is very important for Anfield but he may not be useful for them if Christian Poulsen of Juventus signs the deal made by Hodgson. If it happens it will be a respect for us to join Liverpool, said Danish international’s manager.

Fabiano: “Milan don’t keep promises”

Sevilla striker Luis Fabiano has launched a scathing attack on Milan after they didn’t make an offer for him this summer despite expressing their intention to do so. It looks like Fabiano and Milan were never meant to be.

“In reality no one came looking for me. I have ruled out Milan since last year when there was the only serious contact. I ruled them out because they made promises that they didn’t keep.”

“I’m staying at Sevilla. I have won a lot here. This is a fundamental moment in my career. Now I must prepare myself in the best way possible for the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona and for the preliminary stages of the Champions League.”

“I have only had a week of training up till now, but I can tell myself that I am satisfied.”

Balotelli staying in Inter?

If it looked like that Balotelli will certainly sign with City, well now it doesnt. Balotelli said he dont want to leave his family and friends.

“I don’t like being alone. I can’t imagine being far from my family, in another city. Sometimes on the field my head leads me astray. I have no problems with self-control. I have never hurt anyone, and have never reacted violently.”

“I tried to correct my behaviour for two or three weeks, but I could not take it anymore. I got bored. I am a boy, not a grown man, but I will become one. I always want to become the centre of attention, that’s how I am and others don’t like it. Whatever I do, people always talk about me. They keep at it non-stop. Balotelli here, Balotelli there. Why?”

“Even if I don’t behave as I should, this still doesn’t explain why so many people have something against me.”

Rumours were saying that Balotelli could sign with citizens today, after the friendly match between City and Inter, which Inter won by 3-0. Clubs are still negotaiting but Balotelli said that he doesnt want to leave his family and friends, a sentence that changes everything. We will see how this saga develop in coming days.

Liverpool resigns Aurelio

After Aurelio left Anfield couple of weeks ago, because he was not happy with his status in the club, the two sides found themselfs again, Aurelio was not able to find new club, and Liverpool needed LB defender since Insua will probably go to Fiorentina.

Both sides can be happy with this deal. Aurelio will probably play more than last year, and Liverpool got themselfs a defender who played for them in previous seasons, who knows the team, fans etc. so he will not have problems with adapting in Roy Hodgson’s squad.

“I aksed the club’s directors if Aurelio meanwhile he was gone, signed with another club. When they said no, i said to them, that i want to sign him. They called him and everything turned out like i wanted too. I am a big fan of Fabio, he is fantastic player, who already knows the team, so i am sure that he will be a great addition to squad,” said Roy Hodgson on press conference.