Shocking: Sneijder driven from training

Real Madrid officials doesn’t allow Wesley Sneijder now even to go on training, telling him to go to Inter M.

Inter in other hand doesn’t want to give him double contract, as he earned in Real only 2m, now he is asking for 4m, they offered him 3m, but now, they are ready to offer final offer of 3,5m.

Real Madrid and Inter Milan had always good relationship, and he could leave Madrid for only €15m, but if he impress in Inter shirt, they will earn 3m more.

Sneijder on monday

Wesley Sneijder will become new player of Inter Milan or Manchester United on Monday.

Inter M. is closer, but it’s still undecided where he want’s to go, say Spanish newspaper.

He should decide it until monday, and on that day become new player of one of these clubs.

If Man UTD doesn’t get him, they will try for VdV told us our sources.

Transfer news for today. Transfer market is open until 31 August.

Ribery to INTER?

Could be a huge surprise red-hot the last days of the summer transfer market. Regards Inter, always in search of the famous trequartista to complete its staff. To the list of possible suitors, including Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Deco and Rakitic, seems to have added a new name. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, in fact, Massimo Moratti would have tried to take from Bayern Monaco French Franck Ribéry. To arrive at Fantasista transalpine, however, should be a considerable economic effort: Ribéry, in fact, is evaluated by the leadership of Bavaria some 50 million euros, a sum that has discouraged even the Real Madrid for a long time he knocked on the door to get the Bayern .

This figure could be lowered from inclusion of a technical contribution. However, pending confirmation of the validity of this hypothesis remains a fact: at the time Moratti has in his pocket about 40 million. It remains to be seen whether they will be used to cover the budget or reinvested, in part, on the market. Although it is difficult to think that the Nerazzurri president intends to make heavy investments in a few days after the conclusion of the negotiations, so the option remains in percentage Ribéry a road less traveled than the ones that lead in the first two Dutch Real Madrid.