Real Madrid “touches” to Krasic

The white club could have asked CSKA already for its young attacker.

The vestibule has assured that Real Madrid is very interested in the hiring of Milos Krasic, end of the CSKA of Moscow, for the next season.

In fact, this information goes further on and affirms that the club meringue already has asked the CSKA for its young attacker, reason why the machinery has started up so that Krasic finishes in Real Madrid the next campaign.

This is not the first time that Real Madrid is interested in this player, since Juande Branches wanted already it for its equipment during its stage of trainer of Real Madrid.

Buffon out for 4 weeks

The porter juventino will sure jump the contest against the Ajax and the challenge against Palermo of Sunday. He could remain outside a month.

Still a accident in the ill-fated season of Gianluigi Buffon, that it will be forced to jump the waited for one match of Europe League against the Ajax because of a suspicion streching to the skillful leg.

The bianconero porter now risks an other along stop after the operation to the slid December to the meniscus to ginocchio the left, he has outside held than it for approximately a month. If the streching had to be confirmed the Buffon examinations it would have to be outside approximately four weeks.

The number one of the Juve will be sure indisponibile for the game tomorrow and, except unexpected improvements, it will jump also that against Palermo in program Sunday. Calendar to the hand the bianconero porter risks to having to watch from the tribune some important challenges in Champions optical that attend the Juventus in the next days, like those with Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Naples.

President of Inter on “scandal”

Three days of disqualification for Mourinho, two for Cambiasso and Muntari, one for Samuel and Cordoba. A true decimation for the capolista, after the contest with the Sampdoria; disqualifications for which the Inter has already announced resorted. And from the gravity of the endorsements it has been said surprised the same president Maximum Moratti.

“We did not expect thus barring hard – it has said the patron nerazzurro – We have however an important encounter Wednesday (in Champions against the Chelsea, ndr), for which we ulteriorly try not alimentary the controversies”.

Moratti has been said been strange also from the clamour provoked from Hush prints… “Draft of Hush prints rispettoso – it has said – Is in order protect the square, not for protest; because we have an important game Wednesday and we try not to feed the controversies. It has been understood evil from you (the journalists, ndr)”.

Forlan on Juve target

In the Juventus that today faces Bologna is a voting by ballot for the attack unit, than it does not regard but the single game, but also the future in bianconero. We are speaking about the “challenge” all inner one between Amauri and David Trezeguet. The Brazilian, than soon will obtain the Italian passport (for the happiness of Marcello Lippi, that he will have thus in hand the umpteenth hot potato) finally he has unblocked themselves with the nets against the Genoa and the Ajax and is returned to decisive being like in its better moments. Today he would have to leave from holder from the first minute. To chase it there is but the French, re-entered to Amsterdam even if for little minuteren. David is accustomed, like has happened to it during the last few years, to having itself to earn the place to suon of goal. And it could make it today also, since Bologna the door fortune: to Dust particle in 2001 it has realized one of the beautifulst goals with the bianconera mesh, with which it is to quota 169.

The duel between Amauri and Trezeguet regards but also the market in escape. The bianconera leadership is estimating from is made. If on one side to sell Amauri to figure that is approached that expense (23 million euro) is not easy, less than not magnate arrives some of England, from other is possible that Trezeguet (whose contracted it expires in 2011) risks of having to be by force sold in order not to lose it to parameter zero, even if the figure that will be embedded will be smaller. At the level of I engage “gains” the French with its 4,5 million (3,8 Amauri).

, Brought back how much at the same time second stamane from “Tuttosport”, the Juventus is muovendo on the market to the search of an other tip. The first objectives of the bianconeri are the centravanti of the Sampdoria Giampaolo Pazzini and that Bosnian of the Wolfsburg Edin Dzeko. Their appraisal but appears a little excessive (25 million for the first one, more than 30 for the second), reason for which the bianconeri could take in consideration others two options. Before, taking advantage of the good relationships with the Athletic Madrid, it would regard Diego Forlan, that it could be acquired for a figure near 15 million euro. The other is all Italian and door to Cagliari, where scalpita Alexander Matri, for which but the Sardinian president Cellino has already refused an offer of 12 million euro. Less probable the tracks that carry to Acquafresca and the palermitano Cavani.

Real Madrid situation

Urrea maximum returns yet to the load and it is asked and it asks to you if Real Madrid, after invested this season, will end up gaining some title? We invited to you to debate from the respect and the east knowledge exciting subject. It moves soccer to us!

After several days where neither Barça nor Madrid yielded in their fight by the leadership, finally Barcelona lost. Culés fell for the first time in the domestic competition in this season they did and it before an Athletic one that knew to them how to play. After the plague of injuries, those of Pep, are lost rate and bellows, but it will be this sufficient one for Real Madrid?

The targets will have a bloody fight before Soccer Barcelona Club in Liga BBVA, but there is no doubt that the pupilos of Pellegrini are enabled to raise some trophy. Even so, and by many blisters that rise in the madridismo, the equipment does not play well. Its soccer is not fast nor showy. That yes, is no doubt that effective they are and much.

And that one, indeed, can be key. In a competition like the Glass of Europe if you are something inspired you can llevarte the eliminatory one and that is what will happen with the targets. Real Madrid will happen against the Lyons and will thus follow until the great end, so that no matter how much it bothers, the individualities meringues destroy any defense, and break any scheme of game although he is gladder and tuna to see. Also they aim as favorite in league in spite of going seconds. And that already means much…

The meringues have demonstrated to be able to play well soccer tremendously, although also they have shown its shames as much in Glass as in the Champions. After the defeat before the Lyons in France, the tranquillity and the optimism seem to have lost in Shell Thorn, without thinking about the damages that could cause this. Or in the motivation that can give CR9 and company. Everything hangs of a thread, and more in the world of FP and the Bernabéu.