Liverpool plans to sell Javier Mascherano; Inter aims to get him

The midfielder Javier Mascherano of Argentina may be sold according to Roy Hodgson the manager of Liverpool. This may be done to raise the income to purchase some new players for the team.

The former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has given his interest to buy the Argentinian for his new Inter Milan team. Walter Tamer the Mascherano’s agent has said it has been a very long dream for playing in Serie A, so Inter may find an opportunity to get this player.

The young star from the Argentina has been expected to get a price tag on him for £25 million, but the player has been ignoring the calls from Hodgson since the World Cup ended.

The Hodgson expects that selling the player increasing the income may increase the teams performance. The Liverpool has been facing debt problems which is the reason to take such a decision. All the fans have to wait to see the performance of the team until it is been settled.

Henry adjures the Arsenal fans

Henry, the goal scorer Arsenal recently after eight long years shifted to Barcelona hopes the staying of Fabregas in the Emirates. However, Henry truly understands the situation of Fabregas for returning home now and therefore, considers that Fabregas, the Spaniard’s has to take a difficult decision. Due to this, Henry himself adjured the fans to understand and be satisfied with whatever decision the Spaniard takes.

Recently, the Sky Sports News revealed the French striker’s statement who is now being accompanied by New York Red Bulls, where the veteran striker, Henry said that he too wanted the Cesc to stay, but no one can blame him as it was pretty much sure that one day, he would go to home back. He further added that no one wanted this to happen so early and he himself being an Arsenal fan did not want this to happen. However, at the end of the day, it’s the home, therefore, Henry is quite and letting him take the right decision on his own and expects that the people will definitely understand his condition and this is only important. So, let’s wait now, for the decision of Fabregas.

David Villa: “Barca is better than Inter”

Unexpected words came from David Villa. Eventhough Inter eliminated Barcelona in semi finals of Champions League, the new Barcelona player said: “Barcelona and Inter have different styles, I prefer the Catalans. Barca is much stronger than Inter, i am sure, that if Barca and Inter would play 10 finals, Barca would win 9 of them. ”

Spain’s most efficient player in this years World Cup is already trying to get in touch with the fans, and for now, he is doing good job.

Kaka-Ibra Swap?

Goal is suggesting that Real Madrid will try to swap Kaka for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They hope Jose Mourinho will try to get ex-Inter attacker.

Javier Mascherano officialy refused offer from FC Barcelona, as he want’s only Inter Milan. Ferguson said he’s not sure if Nemanja Vidic will stay at the club, when asked about interest from Real Madrid.

Dzeko ready to reject City for Juve

Edin Dzeko told the press: I’m ready to reject Manchester City once again if Juventus really want me.

Juve’s director said he is expensive but not unbuyable, and will offer Diego plus €20m.

Their rivals, Inter, are looking to buy Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid) or Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal) if Mario Balotelli leaves for City. Forlan is president’s favourite (“He’s like a wine, better while time pass.”), but it’s more likely they’ll go for younger player like Rossi.

Both player’s are around €20m, Atl. Madrid will accept only money, while Villarreal part exchange – Branca is suggesting to offer Suazo or Obinna.