Owen, ended season: goodbye world-wide dream

Season ended for Michael Owen who must thus abandon also the last hopes to participate to the world-wide shipment. The forward of Manchester United is itself injured person in the course of the end of Alloy Goblet slid Sunday, accusing a muscular problem. The examinations orchestrate them to which he is subordinate in the successive days have evidenced a lesion to the level of the flessori will force that it to remain firm for next the three months. Owen, 30 years, closes thus the season with 9 goals in 31 presences, three 19 left goals in of League Prime Minister. “It is an ugly news for the square and Michael – the comment of Alex Ferguson -. Creed that the hard Prato of Wembely is a possible cause of the accident. We augur to recover soon in form”.

BOSINGWA OUT – After Michael Owen World-wide the forgiveness also the Portuguese Josè Bosingwa. The terzino of the Chelsea, adversary of the Inter in Champions, has brought back also he a new accident to the ginocchio. Like for the English forward of Manchester United pure for Bosingwa ended season and Sudafrica goodbye the national Portuguese, outside from half October, is itself newly injured person in training and will have to return under irons after the November operation. Acquired in summer 2008, in this Bosingwa season he has only totaled eight presences in League Prime Minister. Meantime physical problems also for Ricardo Carvalho, re-entered from the engagements with the national one with an annoyance to the adducent ones. In doubt its presence in the quarters of end of Goblet of England, Sunday to the Stamford Bridge against the Stoke.

Diego: Staying where I am

Difficult to find a companion that of it speaks badly. And in this case it does not seem the usual a little hypocritical diplomacy: the esteem regarding Diego is authentic from the Juventus, understanding as square before still that society. “He is an authentic champion. It deserves confidence. It must dargli the time to get used”. Words, but also made, because same Diego feels this confidence also on the field. Tant’è that the thing the inorgoglisce has made and to know it the companions. A speech with the heart, through which it has ringraziato the companions of the support whom they continue to dargli, the whose juice in extreme synthesis sound more or less thus: they are aware that some time is not to the height of the expectations and I do not succeed to render to the hundreds for hundreds, but I will in any case try to repay this confidence that fairies to feel to me.

DELICATE MOMENT – You call it, if you want, “promised” to the dressing room, siglata in a particularly delicate moment, with the substitutions of Zaccheroni that sting it the pride and the voices of market (the exchange with Ribery) that they make to rimbombare the feeling of the disappointment tied to its performances of this season. The wish to react from Diego is highest, refrained from the physical fatigue and lies them after to have played without solution of continuity from the beginning of a not easy vintage year under every point of view. Stress it is not lacked and this – Zaccheroni assures also, that it has studied give close the problem has sure recorded.

The FABLE – Fatigue or not, Diego dies from the wish to repay the heat of the companions, to sweep via the critics, the doubts and the voices of market. The Platinum fables, Zidane and Nedved, ugly become ducklings swans in the course of their first season to the Juventus the continuous one to inspire and even if, by now, already we have arrived to March and some piuma white woman would have to be already dulled, it does not surrender and assaults the challenge against the Fiorentina with the grinta of who has something of important to say and to demonstrate.

The CHARACTER – Words from leader. On the other hand it never has not pulled itself behind and has always demonstrated to a discreet personality in facing the engagements. The week, empty – ahilui! – from engagements with the national one it has allowed it to recharge the batteries. From the physical point of view it has carried out a job detail and specifically studied for he from the staff of Zaccheroni: the objective era fargli to recover a little of energies, cultivating some the brilliance. From the psychological point of view, it has had the support of the companions and the deriving charge having seen the Seleçao in television to one hundred days from the World-wide one. It, like Of the Piero that this evening will try still to duettare as it has succeeded in way much effective one against the Genoa, still believes of being able itself to play a place in South Africa. Dunga, at least to words, it holds the opened door, but it must make something of eclatante in order to succeed in entrarvi.

Spain transfer news

According to El Sport Mundo Barcelona would be dealing with the Athletic Madrid the purchase of Sergio Asenjo (21). The young porter is finding many difficulties in happens them, but it has been characterized from Guardiola like probable successor of Victor Valdes (28). Still some official offer does not exist, but in order to tear it to Athletic the Barça it will have to pay the same figure that the Colchoneros they paid to the Valladolid.

Real Madrid has put the eyes on Cleiton Xavier (26), centrocampista in force to the Palmeiras. With approximately 5 million euros the square of Fiorentino Perez could make sure one of the more important centrocampisti of the Brazilian championship. Xavier is also in National orbit.

Benitez: “Near renewal of contracts with Reina and Mascherano”

“I have spoken with Javier Mascherano and its agent for I renew. The conversations have gone to good aim, all knew of the interest of other clubs for the soccer player, but Javier is found well here”. With these words the technician of the Liverpool, Rafa Benitez, has revealed of the negotiation with the Argentine centrocampista for renews of the contract. Similar speech for the porter Reina Pepper: “It will remain with we to 100% – it has continued Benitez -. The negotiation is much neighbor to the conclusion”.

FIFA: Tomorrow additional reunion on technologies and wills

The chip in the football, the television cameras to watch the additional line of door and wills on the bottom line. The arguments are these that the Ifab, the organ caretaker of the regulations of soccer, will discuss tomorrow in the center of the Fifa to Zurigo. The International Board will discuss the possible solutions, technological or human, in order to guarantee an aid to the wills. The Fifa is traditionally contrary to the use of modern equipment but it seems at least disposed to examine the argument. Joseph Blatter, president of the federcalcio world-wide, extension a partial opening: “To pact – it has said recently – that the system functions to 100% and gives turned out expresses”. The Ifab, created in 1886, comprises the federations of England, Scozia, Galle s and Ireland. The Fifa is represented also, that it has 4 ballots in the assembly. In order to approve of a norm, it serves a majority of three quarters: 6 ballots on 8. The prescribed innovationes generally enter in vigor from 1° the July: obviously, they would not regard the World-wide ones in program in Sudafrica between june and July.