New season, new coaches?

In this post we will talk about Wenger, Ranieri, Ancelotti, Van Basten.

There is big possibility that Arsen Wenger will take the charge of Real Madrid, if Perez becomes new president.

Ranieri will be probably sacked from Juventus, still not clear who will be the next coach.

AC Milan is also thinking about sacking Ancelotti and bringing Van Basten. Raajkard is also on the list.

It will be very interesting because these are also a long-time coaches for these clubs.


Real Madrid is looking to bring few young talents by the way.

Primary targets are Fiorillo, Santacroce and Cigarini.

Real M. is looking foward about their goalkeepers, that’s why they want to bring young Vincenzo Fiorillo from Samp, who is next Buffon by most experts.

We know, Cannavaro will leave them; Heinze and Salgado too. New Fabio will be Fabiano, from Napoli. Italy is famous with great defenders.

It’s interesting, but they are looking to invest a lot on attack point. Ronaldo, Ribery, Ibra… but now, they are talking about Valencia, Dzeko and Luca Cigarini from Atalanta.

We can’t wait too see who will be in the next generation of Real stars team.

German coach’s

Last few days, we are talking about Rijkaard and Klinsmann.

Wolfsburg will play next season in Champions league and president wants to show great football.

That means, Rijkaard could come, but most people thinks that this is impossible because this coach is institution in their club and Frank is looking for bigger club.

On other hand, Hoffenheim will probably take Klinsmann from Bayern, after dissapointed season.

My transfers for Real M.

In last few days it’s only talking about reinforcements for Real Madrid and their new president.

Real Madrid lost last match against Barcelona with 2-6, and lose the fight for league title.

This is what I would do:

OUT: Salgado, Heinze, M. Diarra, and lots of other midfielders because they have them a lot.
Now IN: It’s talking about Ibra and €100m, and he worth that price, but maybe I would bring someone like Dzeko from Wolfsburg (about €15-20m). Second and last signing in the beggining would be Inter’s Maxwell who want’s to leave the club.

What is more important is that they change the tactic, and mentality.