Togo will not play at the African Cup

Togo is in mourning, the football world is in shock – but the ball is rolling. Five months before the start of the World Cup in South Africa has triggered the deadly terrorist attack on the Togolese national football team worldwide horror.

Under the impression of the carnage, with three dead delegation members in the Angolan enclave of Cabinda starts on Sunday evening, but the 27th African Nations Cup – without the Togo players dissolved in tears.

With one foot down, Prime Minister Gilbert Houngbo ordered the team after the devastating attack on the separatist team bus home. “The crew must depart and return at once to Togo. When players or other persons to stand during the opening ceremony under the flag of Togo, they do not represent our country,” said Houngbo and called for a three-day national mourning.

The team continued the leader, above the mouth. Given the traumatic events near the border had the players with a heavy heart, but almost unanimously decided to take up yet.

Despite the horror, the Assimiou Toure described by the Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen in a sentence: “I was scared to death, I could still go under my seat and pray.” In the hail of bullets assistant coach Abolo Amelete died, the spokesman Stanislas Ocloo and a bus driver. Seven people were injured.

Togo’s army, helped Team

Defender Toure was like all his teammates Giant lucky to escape with their lives. Jumped as the rebels of the Front for the Liberation of the Cabinda enclave (FLEC) from their hideouts with machine guns and opened fire, huddled for several minutes, the 22-year-old under his seat

“The first bus they have completely riddled. Perhaps the thought that we were sitting in there. But there was only the luggage,” said Toure: “Thank God I was sitting back in the penultimate row. They have mainly to the anterior part fired. If the army had not existed, we would all now no longer alive. ”

Opening with silence

And the nightmare continues: The FLEC rebels who profess to act, announced new attacks on the Africa Cup. “It will go on. Anything is possible,” said the rebel leader Rodrigues Mingas. “This nation is at war, because Issa Hayatou (President of the African Fußball-Verbandes/Anm.’s Note) to insist on his position. The attack could have hit anyone.”

Nevertheless, the show must go on. On Sunday evening Angola met in the opening game of Mali. In a moment of silence for the victims was thought previously, the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos had a tournament before 50,000 spectators in the capital Luanda, opened in the “Stadium of November 11 and the attack as” terrorist act “condemned.

The CAF had earlier claims, the tournament after the “act of barbarism” (Togo coach Hubert Velud) do not unsubscribe, unambiguous issued an immediate rejection. The Group B with three teams (Ghana, Ivory Coast played, Burkina Faso).

Blatter familiar with South Africa

The FIFA World Cup host country South Africa, and asserted that the attack is not tangent to the World Cup. “I’m still full confidence in Africa and I am sure that the continent is able to organize a World Cup,” said FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter.

The South Africans responded calmly. “We are one hundred percent ready to host the tournament. Speculation that the incident in Angola has implications for the World Cup, I reject decision,” said President Jacob Zuma. “The attack is shocking and unacceptable to us, but it should be an incentive to eradicate the terrorism.”

Angola guarantees safety

For the Africa Cup (until January 31) Angola, meanwhile, ensures the safety of all participants. The total provision would drastically tightened after the incident, “said Sports Minister Goncalves Muandumba:

“We have doubled our efforts. We guarantee to take the necessary measures to ensure protection and integrity of all teams, fans, coaches and tourists.”

Viewed Naples? Milan, is an effort. Turn Bologna Catania on Bianchi

Title and cover this time belong to Naples. Mazzarri good at that game and was able to give results to a team built, but poorly managed by Roberto Donadoni. Also deserves a good Aurelio De Laurentiis, who errs and admits that the error should be appreciated, not criticized. Napoli fly, now collects as sown in the last 5 years. A square that has brought 70 thousand spectators in C1 against Vis Pesaro, in the darkest days, now deserves to Europe. Sorry, deserves the Champions League is different. Entertainment Sao Paulo. Congratulations also to Richard Bigon; good the first operation. Back Dossena in Italy, business below 5 million euros contract for 4 years and a half for the former Udinese full-back and Liverpool. Now for Bigon comes the hard part: Reducing pink, some players are not from Naples, and even from fourth place. Zuniga Have you wondered why it cost so much to Naples? Us from day one. We had an unofficial explanation a few days ago, but we say no more. Get some calculations and enter details of the operations of Filmauro. Nothing wrong, there is, but at least now something we understand.
The market for AC Milan need a change, if not imminent will arrive in summer. The Rossoneri are proving of great maturity, Leonardo keeps alive a team with obvious failings, but the rider must make a small, last effort. Two defenders and, at least, an attacker used to this team. Beckham is good, just investing in young Hottor and Adiyiah, but to compete in Europe with the greatest need anything else. Meanwhile, Galliani has given scores millionaire to Ignazio Abate, Rossoneri’s real discovery of the season, and found that Antonini perhaps deserved quell’adeguamento summer, disrespectful rather than a sentence against him: “You’ve played 12 games and you even more money ?. Antonini could leave in January, was the Naples on him, but Leonardo found (perhaps belatedly) that the defender Milan had all the qualities to continue to appear at Milanello.
The Bologna is at a turning point: we gave a preview of the news yesterday at 18:17 with Alfredo Pedullà. Hush is coming, indeed return. This time to stay. The entrepreneur has the Albanian papers in order to revive the club, who with his family Menarini has lost prestige and, sometimes, even credibility. With ACI should also arrive Giuseppe De Mita, as Director General, which we find Franco Colomba and the two have worked together already in Avellino: in that case ended badly (relegation to C1). De Mita, the days of Lazio, has demonstrated ability and competence football. The Bologna can only gain from any handover.
Closure on Catania. Abstract: for salvation will be tough, but if you were to do that Etna has been undertaking the Director Lo Monaco, he has lowered the average age range of 4 ½ years and has prepared a city of sport, as it does not exist Need a striker in the South Sinisa. Needless to fetch Bogdani would be a broth. Sicilians point Rolando Bianchi, Torino striker, and in return could offer Adrian Ricchiuti, who likes Colantuono and Petrachi.

Mainz 05 will find it at Real Madrid

The 1 FSV Mainz 05 required with immediate effect, Adam Szalai from Real Madrid. The 22-year-old striker is on loan until end of season for the Bundesliga, also has Mainz 05 on an option to purchase up to 2013.

Szalai began his career in the youth in and Ujpest Budapest Honved Budapest in 2004 and joined the junior department of VfB Stuttgart, for which he completed in the 2006/07 season and 33 games in the third highest German league.

One application for Hungary

2007 took him to Real Madrid for his second team under contract. For this, he played in the third Spanish league in 52 games scoring 17 goals, while last season he became the best scorer of the team.

The Hungarian was a regular first-team squad to train the “Royal”. Szalai has once wore the jersey of the Hungarian national team and represented the Hungarian U-21 team in six games on the pitch.

“It is our desire for the offensive player”

“We are very pleased that we can accomplish this transfer. We’ve already been thinking about him last summer, there was a transfer not possible to be represented to us terms, however. He is a player with great potential,” says 05 manager Christian Heidel.

Coach Thomas PCD, who worked with Szalai with the juniors of VfB Stuttgart, said: “It is our desire for an offensive player. He is very flexible as Stoßstürmer second attacker or behind the strikers. It’s technically very strong and has much game intelligence. ”

Sporting critical perspective

Adam Szalai arrived on Saturday night in Mainz. He completed his first training session on Sunday morning with the pros of the 1st FSV Mainz 05 and already belongs to the 05er squad for the friendly at the 1 FC Kaiserslautern on Sunday afternoon.

“I am delighted that the transfer has now worked. I had several offers and I have now opted for Mainz 05, because the club has tried very hard to me and I under coach Thomas PCD, whom I still know from Stuttgart, a sporting good perspective for me personally and look for the team, “said Adam Szalai.

Our goal is 25 points plus X

At the conclusion of the training camp in Majorca Hertha coach Friedhelm Funkel on Sunday, the goals for the Bundesliga Half announced. The findings also showed the Berlin instructor with the recent training work of his team more than satisfied and commented on the upcoming second half start on Saturday at Hanover 96

Question: Mr. scintillating, how satisfied are you with the training camp in Mallorca?

Friedhelm Funkel: Contrary to reports, it was far from being failures, bad luck and mishaps. We have all so found, as we had hoped it would be. A great organization. We can not anything for broken tire on the plane or for the weather. It was exactly as I had wished for.

Question: How important were the test matches?

Scintillating: It is important to also challenge competitions. It is the result of friendlies in my mind. At Frankfurt, many have gone over 90 minutes, because a lot of speed was there. For the soil that was a decent game.

Question: What are the last training day before the second half start?

Scintillating: We train here again on Monday and then we will work in Berlin or in the liveliness and quickness. Then we are on Saturday in Hanover, where I want the team.

Question: How satisfied are you with the new players?

Sparkle: They have well integrated and move with great. They all have their qualities, which we will help you.

Question: Are there any side parts with which you have to work very intensively?

Scintillating: All players are physically at a good level. This has also been seen in the friendlies, as the team grow, especially in the closing stages could. But of course we must continue to train hard in all team components.

Question: Have you had your starting lineup for Hanover in the head?

Sparkle: I have it in my head. But of course I will not betray them. In addition to Saturday’s still a bit of time.

Question: How many points you have made up for the first three games?

Sparkle: I will not reveal, of course. But the season opened for 17 games, not three games. Overall, our goal is to get 25 points plus X.

Question: You said that you can play multiple systems. How will you start in the second half?

Sparkle: I stand firm, neither the individual players, yet the system. It is true that we are capable of multiple systems to play. They might be surprised.