Dzeko ready to reject City for Juve

Edin Dzeko told the press: I’m ready to reject Manchester City once again if Juventus really want me.

Juve’s director said he is expensive but not unbuyable, and will offer Diego plus €20m.

Their rivals, Inter, are looking to buy Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid) or Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal) if Mario Balotelli leaves for City. Forlan is president’s favourite (“He’s like a wine, better while time pass.”), but it’s more likely they’ll go for younger player like Rossi.

Both player’s are around €20m, Atl. Madrid will accept only money, while Villarreal part exchange – Branca is suggesting to offer Suazo or Obinna.

Me as Roberto Mancini

First, I would sell or sack some players, as we have them too many.. Then, buy a great AM, or play with three strikers.

I heard all those romours about Ibra, Dzeko, Balotelli and Donovan, they are all very good, but we don’t need them if we’re keeping existing one. If it was up to me, I would sell Tevez, Robinho, Bellamy and bring Dzeko or Balotelli to play along with Adebayor.

I would buy them both, but as Mario wouldn’t accept bench, then I would be searching for other talented strikers. But I think RM know what he’s doing, and I’m only copying his views (lol).

Hugo Almeida, the great Portuguese Striker Stays with Werder Bremen

Good news for Werder Bremen fans. Portuguese international striker Hugo Almeida is going to remain with the team.

A lot of rumors have been flying around lately that the 26 years old striker might transfer to Sporting CP or Benfica.

Almeida himself commented “I am raring to get a new role in the team”.

That certainly killed off all those rumours.

Almeida’s objective right now is to play a key role for the team. Since his showing in the World Cup, he has become a more solid and stronger player. With his record of 32 goals since joining the Bundesliga league, he certainly is a player to watch for in the future.