Our goal is 25 points plus X

At the conclusion of the training camp in Majorca Hertha coach Friedhelm Funkel on Sunday, the goals for the Bundesliga Half announced. The findings also showed the Berlin instructor with the recent training work of his team more than satisfied and commented on the upcoming second half start on Saturday at Hanover 96

Question: Mr. scintillating, how satisfied are you with the training camp in Mallorca?

Friedhelm Funkel: Contrary to reports, it was far from being failures, bad luck and mishaps. We have all so found, as we had hoped it would be. A great organization. We can not anything for broken tire on the plane or for the weather. It was exactly as I had wished for.

Question: How important were the test matches?

Scintillating: It is important to also challenge competitions. It is the result of friendlies in my mind. At Frankfurt, many have gone over 90 minutes, because a lot of speed was there. For the soil that was a decent game.

Question: What are the last training day before the second half start?

Scintillating: We train here again on Monday and then we will work in Berlin or in the liveliness and quickness. Then we are on Saturday in Hanover, where I want the team.

Question: How satisfied are you with the new players?

Sparkle: They have well integrated and move with great. They all have their qualities, which we will help you.

Question: Are there any side parts with which you have to work very intensively?

Scintillating: All players are physically at a good level. This has also been seen in the friendlies, as the team grow, especially in the closing stages could. But of course we must continue to train hard in all team components.

Question: Have you had your starting lineup for Hanover in the head?

Sparkle: I have it in my head. But of course I will not betray them. In addition to Saturday’s still a bit of time.

Question: How many points you have made up for the first three games?

Sparkle: I will not reveal, of course. But the season opened for 17 games, not three games. Overall, our goal is to get 25 points plus X.

Question: You said that you can play multiple systems. How will you start in the second half?

Sparkle: I stand firm, neither the individual players, yet the system. It is true that we are capable of multiple systems to play. They might be surprised.

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