Raul is all set to leave the Real Madrid club

The great Raul is ready to leave the Madrid club after playing in it for 15 years, the club have declared that there is going to be a farewell party for the leading goal scorer on Monday. The player had made his debut in the team in 1994 with Los Blancos, but the player had made his first appearance with Atletico Madrid.

Even though the player has a very good record playing in the club team, he never had a chance to show his performance as there were new players selected to play for the club in the last few seasons. This has been one of the reason for the player to leave the club.

Harry Redknapp was aiming to get Raul to play for his side but the player is expected to join the Schalke club in Germany. Raul leaving the club was confirmed by the officials this weekend and even Guti the midfielder is also ready to quit from team.

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