Juventus after Diego Forlan

Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, is unwilling to budge and continues to pursue the dream of moving to Diego Forlan in the ranks next season Bianconeri. Therefore, the maximum leader Juventus has already prepared a landing in Madrid to his trusted men to meet with leaders Atletico to reach an agreement for the Golden Ball World Cup Sudáfrica.En top, landing in Madrid Juventus will be this week and, with his visit, seek, plus be the Uruguayan, settle the transfer of Tiago permanently. The agreement with the Turin club is total and both entities are at the mercy of the Luso decide if you lower the salary to play for Atletico or if you prefer one of the deals you have in the Premier League.

Juventus also like to take his visit to test the real interest of rojiblancos by Grosso, but with the recent signing of Luis Filipe not appear to be an option to shuffle from Calderón.A priori, it seems very difficult to progress Forlan Juventus finished the crystallizing, as neither club is willing to get rid of him for a price lower than the 30 million euros, or he plans to leave Madrid unless he gets an offer exorbitant.

Juventus market situation

Sebastian Giovinco has never hidden his desire to stay at Juventus, but at this point an assignment could become necessary because he needs to play. In recent days, the coach of the Ventura Bari invited back on their game with the red and white shirt. In Puglia, the goblin would holder Juventus durable, but also would be interested in Parma giocatore.Giovinco meanwhile did not participate in the friendly with Al Nassr and has not been convened for that with the Hamburg, just a coincidence? Juve to ensure that choices are tied to a physical condition is not optimal, but the sale could be just around the corner.

Only 12 months ago was considered the biggest coup of the summer market Juventus, Diego today after a bad season seems to have become the ideal player cedere. His departure would mean cash is still a significant sum and Brazil also have large market Germany where he did very well to Werder. For this reason there has been talk of a possible inclusion in the negotiation for Dzeko, but apparently has not reckoned with the will of the microphones. Diego has confirmed its willingness to stay in Turin: I want to stay clear, but society must think like me. The market rumors bother me and I read so many lies. I chose Juve and I am happy here in the next championships last point to make it better. ”

The new Juventus Gigi Del Blacks gave some positive signs, especially the commitment of the players who so far have shown a willingness to redeem last season. The new coach has spoken of the team, with extensive references to Diego, who looks set to stay. “We have worked well although there is still much to do, given that the national must return, but we are happy even physical improvements that we were. I expected and I found players. In this group there is great quality, but also so much effort by all. ” There’s even someone like Bonucci, arrived in camp with 3 days in advance: “It shows that this is a serious group that knows that we will face a difficult and important year.”

Lothar Matthäus: “Miller is great, Ballack is no longer needed”

Mr Matthew, what do you say to the whole round appearance of the DFB-team in South Africa? Lothar Matthäus: The team has practiced for long stretches of a strong and refreshing football and millions of enthusiastic of fans in the fourth round against England in the quarterfinal against Argentina, but also of serious errors by the opponent profitiert.Auch tactical by your friend Diego Maradona? Lothar Matthäus: One thing is certain: The Argentines can certainly play much better, they have made it to the Germans in part very easily.

The Spaniards have again the Germans dominiert.Lothar Matthew: Absolutely. Spain played well, and Germany left no chance. We have seen clearly that interacts most of the Spanish squad for over a long period. A wheel reached into the other, there seemed automatic. Such a thing usually takes years. Then, the German team to come, but the way wrong.A path is followed with captain Michael Ballack? Lothar Matthäus: The fact is that the team has played to date, as already mentioned a very strong tournament. Thus, if you add up one plus one, the engagement of Michael Ballack is no longer urgently needed. Ultimately, the decision not me, but only the national coach, however.

“Thomas Mueller has a great future,” Which German player has impressed you most? Lothar Matthäus: Thomas Müller! The boy was playing a year ago in the third League. And now he boasts in a World Cup in a very large, achieved goals and prepares them even on the assembly line. This is evidence of very large class. Mueller is undoubtedly a great future for you bevor.Wer is the big favorite for the title “Player of the Tournament”? Lothar Matthäus: I say the top player of the tournament, will ultimately be a world champion. Bastian Schweinsteiger has certainly also partly filled with great and made his class to the test. But ultimately it was lacking in the last little bit, about the gates. Very hot candidates are the Dutchman Robben and Sneijder in particular. On the Spanish side I see striker Villa. It is a pleasure to watch him playing football. In short, a striker, as everyone wants to coach.

In addition to these flyers, but it was also the World Cup of the fallen favorites. Above all, world champions Italy and France played a horror whose Vice-World Cup to forget. What are the causes? Lothar Matthäus: In Italy it is very clear so that it will have failed those responsible for the world title in 2006 to make a clean break. The team seemed to me neither fresh nor for success. Sorry – that was only a shadow of Italy’s former tournaments. For the French it was a long and sluggish process. However, all moor at Domenech would be wrong. Also all players must question herself and her character. Again, a new beginning is absolutely necessary. “Cameroon will definitely have me”

Now just about you, Mr Matthew. Various media reported recently that you are facing a commitment as coach of Cameroon. Is there any truth in these reports? Lothar Matthäus: It is definitely a way that will have me as Cameroon coach. I stand with the association in charge in contact, the next few weeks will show whether there is an activity on my part.

You will not be able to hear the question. I ask anyway: Why did you Lothar Matthäus never experienced as a coach in Germany? Lothar Matthäus: This question must turn on the 18 managers and sports directors of the Bundesliga. These are probably the reasons haben.Last but not least. Who will be champion? Lothar Matthäus: precisely because of the excellent game against Germany, I say, Spain’s all! Xavi, Iniesta and Villa – this is currently simply the ne plus ultra of world football.

Marco Lanna: Impossible is nothing!

In short we would have bet at the start of last season, but Sampdoria has finally managed to return to Europe that counts. Waiting So the next demanding season, Sampdoria must now think of creating the conditions for secure access to the Champions League to follow up with big dreams. To imagine his immediate future, we have used the help of a former memorable as Marco Lanna, in Goal.com Exclusive, has expressed his opinion on the company’s operations in Liguria. Then Mark, the fourth-place finish sparked the minds of supporters sampdoriani, Garrone think that will implement, once again, an excellent market campaign? “I think he’s already doing a lot by keeping valuable pieces in the team. Given the three events that will face will, however, need a thickening of the rose. The president has much enthusiasm and wait for the right occasion to make the team more competitive, given the chance to grab the prestigious Champions League group.

So far have been made to sign a few shots on the front purchases. Considers that the workforce is adequate to overcome the Champions? “While there are strong ensembles, not least, I think that would gamble on a par with anyone. Nothing is unattainable for this Samp, considering the excellent results obtained with the big Italian last season. ” Speaking still possible adjustments, if I Gasparin department which primarily reinforced? “Nobody in particular, each sector has already inside men to the task. Rather than try to increase their number by adding pieces with experience needed to command respect in the various competitions, especially international ones. E ‘key is to then have reinforcements quality, able to give breath holders.

Most fans entrusted their hopes on the confirmation of Cassano and Pazzini will be rewarded? “Both these names, is another factor as Palombo, I am convinced will remain until at least preliminary, then we’ll see.” In the last hours rumors indicate Lukas Podolski among the objectives of management. And ‘pure fantasy or assume that there might be something behind? “The employment Podolski would be great, but it seems difficult to realize the political view of cost containment dictated by society. I assume that the situation is unlockable only by the assignment of a sample, but it appears that Garrone is not willing to undertake it, again if not received offers unique rankings.

An added important is place on the bench, with Di Carlo Del Blacks ready to take over. Will not be regretting his departure? “I hope so. Although lacking in European experience, is a very technical preparation, able to give strength to their training, not counting that will be greatly helped by the presence of talent whimsical, or see Cassano Marilungo.

Interview with Seifert

The Bundesliga may perhaps not have the glamor of the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, but does something else that they are unable to do: to generate profits. During the 2008/09 season produced 30 million profit – more than all the other major tournaments assieme.Grazie put the German spirit, the league championship was the most efficient in the world. For example, the Bundesliga club spend less than 50% of total resources for the salaries of the players which was significant compared to 71% of the Premier League, Serie A, 68%, 63% and 62% of La Liga Ligue 1 .

This does not prevent the German league to boast the highest concentration of samples in the world. Consider the World 2010: the league has more players involved in the tournament than any other tournaments. In the quarterfinals, 37 players still in contention were playing in Germany, compared with 35 in Spain and 25 of Serie A. While Germany can boast of the best football of the economic world, it is only the fourth season – after the Premier League, La Liga and Premier League – UEFA ranking, TV rights and international appeal. The glamor is more important than efficiency when it comes to attracting the interest of the world? Or simply the brand of the Bundesliga is not able to convey the strength of German football?

Given the recent performance of players in the Bundesliga in the World, the interest generated by the many young stars of German football, the strength of business model and the Teutonic magic of a national multi-cultural, the league is regarded as the league’s most underrated world. To achieve global recognition that we need someone tells the amazing story. This person is Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga, the ideal man for that purpose by virtue of his knowledge of football and the media.